Danney Williams claims to be the son of Bill Clinton and has much evidence to back the claim.

The following is excerpted from Danney’s website….

“The truth is that in 1985, during the time I was conceived, my mother was a single parent raising two boys on her own. She would sometimes herself to men to make ends meet for her family. During this dark period in her life, Governor Clinton was the only Caucasian man she was having sexual relations with at the time I was conceived. In 1997, my mother passed a lie-detector test conducted by investigative reporters to corroborate her claimed that Bill Clinton was her only white suitor at the time she conceived her bi-racial son.

I have seen also the physical resemblance between myself and President Clinton—the facial features, nose, chin line—that strongly suggest a biological connection, which has been pointed out by thousands of people across the nation.

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For 30 years, my mother has stood firm on the claim that Bill Clinton is my father, and never once has she recanted her story…nor has my Aunt Lucille, who bared witness to my mother’s account.

According to my mother and aunt, when President Bill Clinton was governor, he took on some responsibility as a parent, by providing some financial assistance. They both told me that a man driving a car with state tags, placed an envelope of cash in my mother’s mailbox every month and that the envelope always included seven crisp $100 bills. They also told me that an Arkansas State Trooper brought Christmas presents to our home for me every year. I read a retired State Trooper Larry Patterson also confirmed this in his book which I bought in a yard sale one summer. To me it seemed that President Clinton wanted to be involved in my life, even if it was only in the smallest capacity.

I believe that President Clinton is my father for multiple reasons. Aside from my mother’s account of her relationship and the unwavering insistence of my Aunts Lucille many individuals from different walks of life have reinforced these claims, some of whom knew me as a child or worked with my father. My existence and relationship to President Clinton is an open secret among the political elite circles in our home state of Arkansas.

I also know my Aunt Lucille took me, as an infant, to the governor’s mansion to inform Mrs. Clinton that Bill Clinton was my father and demand the support me. She snuck in the front gate when it was opened and demanded to see Mrs. Clinton They slammed the door in her face. Arkansas State police officers literally chased my aunt and me from the building. They ran us off like dogs.”