H/T Regina Christoff-Salim

The modern Democrat Party, the most corrupt political machine in American history, is still not willing to concede a free and fair election won by the populist/nationalist Donald Trump.

Most noteworthy is the deafening assault on “fake news,” also known as “news liberals don’t want you to hear,” like all the news you will find at Powdered Wig and across the right wing blogosphere.

The leftist losers recognize correctly that it was the right wing blogosphere, sites like Powdered Wig, that was most instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected, for one vital reason…. WE TELL THE TRUTH! unlike the arrogant liberal talking heads in the mainstream media, who are the real purveyors of fake news.

When the liars mainstream media attempted to blow the smoke of the major (paid) pollsters up the exhaust ports of the American people, we countered, relying on our own research, screaming from the rooftops that the polls were bullshit. We were right!

When the liars mainstream media and the pundits, who are nothing more than weak and fellow followers of the bogus polls, predicted an uphill climb, at best, for Trump, and practically no path to 270 electoral votes, we screamed loud and clear that Trump will win in a landslide. We were right.

I am praying daily for a peaceful transition to the Trump presidency, but with the assault on fake news (news liberals don’t want you to hear), aka “the truth,” and the scapegoating of and CIA investigation into the Russian government and the accusations, presented as “conclusions,” with zero evidence provided, that┬áVladimir Putin and the Russians are the hackers they blame for Trump’s election, I am left with a sick feeling that the uber-corrupt Democrat Party may have its most nefarious plot ever in the works. I put nothing past them!