By Thomas Madison

Many people complain about Donald Trump’s cheap shots at opponents, which I really don’t get. You have to admit, it does provide ammunition for the Trump-haters and anti-Trump pundits. I mostly just ignore the bickering between candidates as so much political noise.

What is amazing to me, though, is when Trump lays a cheap shot on an opponent, it is tomorrow’s headline, and the attending article is never kind. When the reverse happens and an opponent lays a cheap shot on The Donald, all you hear the next day from the media are crickets.

Such was the case when Marco Polo Rubio teased Donald Trump during a debate about having small hands. Rubio knew it was the end of the political road for him. Trump was killing him in the polls in his home state of Florida, so Little Marco thought he would insinuate that Trump has a small penis by commenting on what he called “small hands,” then following that up with the question, “you know what they say about men with small hands?” The audience chuckled knowingly as Rubio paused, then smiled and answered, “you can’t trust ’em.”

The audience and Trump’s opponents enjoyed many yucks at The Donald’s expense over this personal insult from the man who was finished and knew it. Rubio dropped out of the race two weeks later, vowing that he was finished with politics and was becoming a private citizen, where you can have all the extramarital sex you want and the media doesn’t really care.

So, yesterday, in the parking lot of a Plainfield, Indiana diner, The Canadian challenged Trump to a debate. The connection from what he said next to a debate escapes me, but then I’m not a Harvard graduate like The Canadian. I’m sure there is tremendous relevance in the minds of average Canadians. I digress.

Taking a cue from his Cuban cousin, Marco Rubio, Canadian Cruz remarked about Trump, “He’s very fond of telling everyone how big his hands are. Well he can come demonstrate that….” the obvious inference being that Trump has small hands, thus a small penis, doubling down on Rubio’s personal attack.

Maybe Canadian Cruz is trying to tell us something. Maybe attacking an opponent’s manhood is some sort of Cuban custom that is employed when you know you have had your ass whipped.

You want to challenge and insult Donald Trump, Canadian Cruz. I would like to make a single point, followed by a question for you. Study the photo, above, and tell us again how small Donald Trump’s hands are. If his hands are small, what are yours?