By Thomas Madison

This is why we are in such serious trouble as a nation. At a fairly prestigious American university, George Washington University, a student-in-the-street interview was conducted, asking young Hillary Clinton supporters to list her accomplishments. While most responded with goofy stares, one female’s filibustering bullshit made it clear that she was as full of crap as Hillary.

The most mind-blowing response came from a genius who is actually writing his senior thesis on Hillary Clinton. So, obviously he has had time to conduct some real background on his subject, right? Maybe not! He listed this as Hillary’s crowning accomplishment: “The way she handled Benghazi was remarkably adept at international affairs,” concluding his brilliant dialogue with, “Benghazi is her high point.”

The words have not been invented to express my supreme amazement and dismay. How is it possible that this brain-dead individual could graduate from high school, let alone make it through four years of a prestigious American university? I don’t exactly give the other respondents a pass for their ignorance, but this guy is doing his senior thesis on Hillary Clinton, which requires a good bit of in-depth research. And he can’t find a single flaw in this corrupt woman’s character?!

Here you go, Sonny, I did a little research for you. It took me every bit of 30 seconds to dig this up. Please include it in your senior thesis:

Excerpted from Western Jounalism, December 31, 2013

Hillary Clinton Faces Criminal Charges In Egypt

Reports indicate the former secretary of state is being investigated by Egypt’s attorney general for inciting rebellion.

According to a recent report by World Net Daily, expected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is embroiled in yet another international scandal. Still reeling from what many perceive as a botched response to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, reports indicate the former secretary of state is being investigated by Egypt’s attorney general.

Hisham Barakat’s criminal complaint against Clinton alleges she conspired with the wife of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi – and the Muslim Brotherhood – to encourage rebels in the nation.

According to a translator, Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmoud, reportedly claims to have a “treasure trove of secrets from the White House,” indicating Clinton “fears my wrath.”

And that is how nefarious characters like Barrack Hussein and Hillary Clinton achieve high office. Newsflash, youngsters! Having ovaries is not a qualification for President of The United States.

I am dreaming/hoping/wishing/praying for a Convention of States, a major agenda item of which will be reform of our voting system, including voter ID, a fraud-proof voting system, and especially repeal of the 26th Amendment. No way should teenagers be entrusted with the most crucial civic duty a conscientious citizen is charged with. As this video makes evident they simply do not possess, at that tender, formative age, the diligence, sophistication, historical perspective, and life experience necessary to critically work through such important decisions. It may be an unfair generalization, and I know there are exceptions, even at much younger ages (CJ Pearson). However, teens and twenty-somethings have not demonstrated, generally, the traits necessary to be entrusted with this uber-important civic duty. I am in favor of a voting age minimum of 25, and would not be opposed to 30, as well as other voter qualifications.

I consider voting reform our most important issue as a nation. In my opinion it is our current lax voting system, which puts idiots and/or corrupt scoundrels into high office, that is the major cause of nearly all of our many problems.