By Thomas Madison

I have stopped watching Fox News altogether after their disgusting conduct on the night of the first debate, watching nothing mostly, but I wanted to tune into The Donald’s Mobile speech, so turned on CNN. The football stadium chosen for the event was the only venue large enough (50,000) to handle the number of people who had RSVP’d (42,000).

So, still with 20 minutes to go until Trump speaks, and the crowd still filing into the stadium through the single entrance they opened for the event, the 50,000-seat stadium appears to be maybe 70% full, not including people milling about in the infield, which would indicate that about 30,000+ people are currently in attendance, with more yet to enter the stadium.

The CNN commentator, whose name I don’t know, is slamming Trump for renting too large a facility, claiming that this is embarrassing to Trump.

Newsflash, dumbass! If the crowd is only 30,000 that is fantastic! NOT an embarrassment! Do you think Jeb Bush would like a crowd like that?

Furthermore, the reason the Trump team chose the stadium is because they were originally expecting 2,000 people. So, they moved the event to a 10,000-seat facility. The RSVPs continued to pour in, reaching (last report) 42,000. The only facility available to handle a crowd that large is the University of Alabama football stadium, which is where the crowd is anxiously awaiting, at this minute, to watch The Donald speak.

So, Mr. Nameless Commentator, just exactly how do you move from a 10,000-seat facility to a 30,000-seat facility, which does not exist in the community. The 50,000-seat stadium is the ONLY facility large enough to handle the crowd, even if it is only 30,000 (it looks larger to me).

I typically give you math-challenged liberals a break for your disability, as I am usually a very tolerant sort. Not tonight! YOU are a moron!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, The Donald is taking the stage.