This is an old story, but as relevant today as it was forty-one years ago. It involves a scumbag Arkansas trial lawyer who defended a 42-year old man, who was charged with brutally raping a 12-year old girl, leaving her severely injured and unable to have children for the rest of her life. That scumbag lawyer was Hillary Rodham, later known as Hillary Clinton.

The 27-year old Hitlery verbally trashed the victim in the court room, claiming that the 12-year old girl was “emotionally unstable, with a tendency to seek out older men and to engage in fantasizing.”

Even though the defendant’s guilt in the case was clear, Hitlery succeeded in plea bargaining the sentence down, allowing the dirtball child rapist to walk away with “time served.”

Fast forward four decades and the scumbag Arkansas trial lawyer finds herself running for President of the United States, and the story is resurrected in the media, first by the Washington Free Beacon two years ago, and now by nearly every news outlet on the planet, including Powdered Wig.

While interviewing Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, Anderson Cooper of the Clinton News Network (CNN) did all he could to defend Hitlery in the 41-year old rape case. As soon as McEnany mentioned the case, Anderson tried to stop her, interrupting, “Wait, we haven’t corroborated any of this, so I just think you should be very….” Charging back, McEnany said, “It’s widely reported,” prompting Cooper to reply, “Widely reported. So’s the National Enquirer widely reported. Widely reported doesn’t mean anything. Not on this network, I would point out.”

Cue fellow Clintonista and Democrat strategist Angela Rye, to pile on, attempting to discredit McEnany’s story, which is fully documented. In a characteristically condescending liberal tone, Rye challenged, “As an attorney, I am really just flabbergasted by some of the allegations that we’re just tossing out here that are not….” implying that McEnany was making unfounded allegations that were undocumented and not corroborated, adding, “We’re not really accountable. We have to be accountable.”

Defending McEnany against the Clintonistas, CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham, promptly educated Rye, interrupting the Clinton apologist, “Hold on, Kayleigh is right about the audio. The audio was broken by the Free Beacon more than a year ago. It’s from the Clinton Library. It was dug up by a reporter there, so there is actual evidence here….”

Good try, Clintonistas. Go to hell!

The Daily Beast was granted an interview with the 12-year old rape victim, now an adult woman. At the 1:54 mark she has a message for Hitlery.

That Hitlery Clinton has been an immoral and unethical scumbag her entire adult life is well known. It is beyond shameful, however, that a large segment of our population is stupid enough to cast their vote for her to be President of the United States.