By Thomas Madison

In response to Trey Gowdy’s relentless efforts to uncover the whole truth in the Benghazi tragedy, longtime Clinton henchman, Paul Begala, issued a veiled threat, comparing Gowdy to his childhood dog, Gus, whose head was run over by a 5,000 pound Oldsmobile because he refused to stop chasing cars, the moral of the analogous warning being that if Gowdy isn’t careful chasing the truth, he could get himself badly hurt.

According to Politico, Paul “Hitman” Begala cautioned, “Representative Gowdy reminds me of my old dog, Gus, who I had when I was a kid in Missouri City, Texas. Ol’ Gus loved to chase cars…. til one day he caught one, or rather one caught him. Before you knew it, Ol’ Gus had 5,000 pounds of 1977 Oldsmobile rolling over his head. If I were Mr. Gowdy, I’d be mighty careful.”

In a constantly changing world, a few things will always remain the same, like the Clintons’ vicious, vindictive method of operation and intimidation.

UPDATE: Someone asked me why Hillary Clinton is not in prison yet. Maybe I am just a hopeless optimist, but I want to believe it is a timing issue. If Trey Gowdy holds off an indictment until around the first of the year, it should destroy Killary’s presidential aspirations. Then if the trial can be timed to conclude after January, 2017, Barack Hussein will be unable to pardon her. Win-win! Hey, I can dream, right?