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They are dropping like flies. It seems that anyone who possesses any sensitive information regarding the Clintons or the DNC has a life expectancy of about a week.

We are clearly at a crossroads. We can elect this corrupt, criminal bitch, or we can elect the man who aims to put her in jail and return freedom, prosperity, and justice to We the People!

How can all of these deaths of people linked to the Clintons and/or the DNC possibly be coincidence? They can’t!

From Melissa Mastrianni


1) April 18, 2016. John Jones. Lawyer. Pushed from a railroad platform into an oncoming commuter train. Possibly helped Julian Assange with release of classified emails. A possible warning to Assange?

2) June 7, 2016. Shahriar Zolfaghari. Husband of Camila Wright, prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton on possible pedophile charges. Shot to death. A possible warning to Wright?

3) June 22, 2016. John Ashe. Former President of UN General Assembly. Was scheduled to be deposed regarding criminal activities of Clinton crony Ng Lap Seng. Barbell dropped on his throat, crushing his windpipe. An embarrassing revelation of Clinton misconduct averted in the nick of time.

4) June 23, 2016. Mike Flynn, Breitbart editor/writer. Recently published several articles detailing Clinton Foundation pay-for-play activities and other criminal activities of the Clintons. Died of heart attack in his sleep, age 48. Won’t ever criticize the Clintons again.

5) July 10, 2016. Seth Rich. Former DNC employee with likely access to DNC emails. Alleged to be the source of Wikileaks DNC email release. Gunned down in the streets of Washington, D.C….robbery? nothing at all was taken!
Punishment and a warning to others?

6) July 25, 2016. Joe Montano. Former DNC head or DNC employee and aide to Clinton VP choice, Tim Kaine. Died in his sleep, age 47. What did he know about Kaine or the DNC scandals?

7) August 1, 2016. Victor Thorn. Voluminous Clinton critic. Suicided.

8) August 2, 2016. Shawn Lucas. Personally subpoenaed DNC to appear in court to answer charges of stealing several primary elections from Bernie Sanders. Found dead in his bathroom by friends or family. Will lawsuit go forward after his murder? Will anyone have the courage to challenge the Obama/Clinton juggernaut and risk death?

Please, watch this 1994 Doc before you vote! you MUST know the roots of these criminals, the Clintons!