By Thomas Madison

More classic Donald!

Imagine Hillary Clinton agreeing to an interview with Fox News. She would get skewered, which is why she doesn’t do interviews with Fox News…. or any other media outlet where she can’t control the content and every other aspect of the interview.

Not so The Donald! He ain’t skeered! Not only does he agree to an interview with MSNBC’s bomb-throwing leftist interviewer, Katy Turd, or Tur, or whatever her name is, he verbally slaps her all over the room.

When Turd asked Trump what he thought of Charles Krauthammer calling him a rodeo clown, The Donald explained what an overrated commentator Krauthammer is, concluding, “And then I get called by a guy that can’t buy a pair of pants, I get called names? Give me a break!” Still LMAO!

Video below….