We all know that Bill Clinton would never tell a lie, right? Hold your laughter until the end. This gets much better.

So, in defense of himself and his family, Slick took to twitter to proclaim their innocence regarding the continuing allegation that he and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi ripped off the disaster-stricken Haitian people and enjoyed the proceeds for their own pleasure, including millions of dollars on a lavish wedding for Eleanor Roosevelt Chelsea (you have to admit, Chelsea looks like a homelier modern incarnation of Mrs. Roosevelt).

As always, swift to the denial (even when faced with DNA proof), Bill jumped to the defense….


And, as always again, the Clintons have their brain-dead sycophants….


Then, WikiLeaks joins the fray, catching Slick Willie in yet another barefaced lie. Slick said no “funds” were used for Chelsea’s wedding because it was “resources” that were used, according to Doug Band’s email to John Pizzagate Podesta. You know, it depends on what your definition of is is.

And you can always expect the slammest dunkingest tweets from James Woods….

Not having had enough abuse, Slick Willie doubled down….

And Woods responded….

And Powdered Wig piled on….


Sorry, Slick, the proof is everywhere. It’s worse than DNA!

The nuts and bolts of the Clinton rape of Haiti, courtesy Dinesh D’Souza….