Washington, DC has always been a cesspool of immorality, but the revelations that are coming to the surface today are shocking, even by “cesspool of immorality” standards.

There was always one organization, the reputation of which was heretofore considered so unimpeachable that the trustworthiness and integrity of that organization were never questioned.

However, since James Comey,┬áDirector of that organization (FBI) and Barack Hussein fell into one another’s arms, Washington has been an orgy of corruption at the highest levels, with the FBI acting as interference on one hand, as in the stonewalling of the Hitlery Clinton investigation and her eventual exoneration, and acting as enforcer on the other hand, prosecuting the enemies of their pals (Paul Manafort was jailed today).

Jason Chaffetz, appearing on Fox News, was indignant over the “incestuous nature of the FBI and the media,” citing the recent exposure of Senate Intel Committee senior staffer James Wolfe’s sexual liaison with Ali Watkins, a New York Times journalist, with whom Wolfe apparently shared sensitive and/or classified intelligence information.

Chaffetz also cited “over 330 instances of documented” cases of unauthorized communications between high-level government officials and the media, as well as lavish gifts being exchanged.

This is nothing less than old-fashioned, quid pro quo, I-got-mine-to-hell-with-the-country, good old boy politics that we had all hoped disappeared decades ago. I reckon not.