Notwithstanding the frowns on the left side of the aisle, the boycotts, and the boos, President Trump’s first State of the Union Address was a raging success.


In a CBS poll, a full 75% percent of Americans approved of President Trump’s Tuesday night speech on the current state of our nation.

The news was all good in President Trump’s address, marked by the historic economic numbers, a runaway economy, and an unbridled Reaganesque optimism for the future.

CBS News and Survey Director Anthony Salvanto tweeted the results of the joint CBS/YouGov poll.


100% of those polled felt proud or safer, compared to only 35% who felt scared or angry (presuming multiple answers were permitted)

An amazing 97% of Republicans polled approved of the President’s speech (I have to wonder who the 3% are), while a shocking 43% of Democrats approved of the speech (VERY bad news for Democrats).

And the sweet spot in any national election, particularly in battleground states, independents approved of President Trump’s address by an overwhelming and stunning 72%, which could loom yuge in the upcoming midterm elections.

Of note, former anti-Trumpers, conservatives and liberals alike, saw their opinions of President Trump and his agenda reversed as a result of his State of the Union address.