In a close vote, totally unexpected by the liberal globalists like David Cameron and Barack Hussein, the British people voted to exit the European Union yesterday.

Pouting in public is a Cameron trademark and he didn’t waste this opportunity to whine a bit, announcing his resignation as Prime Minister because he and his philosophical, globalist brother, Barack Hussein, didn’t get their way. Take a cue, Hussein!

Due to the Muslim crisis in Europe, which the globalists deny exists, a new spirit of nationalism is being embraced across the continent. Britain’s Brexit vote is just the latest manifestation.

This same nationalist spirit, which I call Trump Fever, is also storming across America. We the People are sick and tired of having our liberty and prosperity stolen by beltway career parasites and given to third-world countries, illegal immigrants, and so-called refugees. Enough!

Barack Hussein, wildly in favor of Britain remaining in the EU, as though it is some of his business, went as far as to issue veiled threats to the British people, many of whom had a clear message for the arrogant Yank, like “Mind your own f**king business!” There have been other suggestions made to the American president by everyday Brits that are not printable here.

Donald Trump believes the British people made the right decision to leave the EU, to restore their liberty, prosperity, and national pride.