A New York father was outraged when his daughter was asked to complete a homework assignment that ended with a politicized question. Vincent Ungro of Staten Island told Ed Henry that his 11-year-old daughter brought home an assignment that read as follows: “President Trump speaks in a very superior and [BLANK] manner, insulting many people. He needs to be more [BLANK] so the American people respect and admire him,” the assignment read, asking the student to fill in the blanks with vocabulary terms.

“I was stunned,” Ungro said, adding that he told his daughter not to complete that question. The teacher responded by docking the girl 15 points on the assignment. Ungro said the incident was not a reflection on the school, but on the singular teacher: “Out of all the sentences in the world that could’ve been used, she slipped in an anti-Trump statement,” he said. Ungro said after he brought the question to the school’s attention, the teacher was reprimanded, calling the incident “case closed.”

“I felt it was time to do that,” he said, “To protect my daughter and protect my president.” He said the incident taught him to be a “little more diligent” in watching what schools may be teaching children about politics, rather than reserving such lessons for parents.