A St. Louis cop shot and killed a Black Lives Matter advocate who was trying to break into his home. The two knew each other, attended the same church, and were on opposite sides of the intensely racial issue.

You are achieving your race war dream, Barack Hussein.

From NY Daily News

An off-duty St. Louis county police officer fatally shot a man he argued with about Black Lives Matter on Facebook after the suspect broke into the cop’s home, officials said.

Police said the alleged home intruder, Tyler Gebhard, smashed a concrete planter through the unidentified officer’s home window after the cop’s wife wouldn’t let him in.

Gebhard’s uncle, Patrick Brogan, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the officer and his nephew met through a church connection, and had a fallout after arguing on Facebook over Black Lives Matter.

Gebhard, a former football star at Affton High School, was biracial and supported Black Lives Matter’s goals but did not join the protests, the uncle told the newspaper.

Gebhard’s family said the 20-year-old suffered from bi-polar disorder, periodically skipped medication, which worsened his condition.

“He had a lot of mental problems the last few months,” Brogan told reporters. “A lot of difficulties in life.”

Police said Gebhard had made several threats to the officer’s family and other members of the community.

The unnamed officer’s wife and mother-in-law, as well as a toddler and an infant, were escaping from a bedroom window when Gebhard was shot twice in the chest.

Police said Tyler Gebhard grabbed a concrete planter and broke a window at the off-duty officer's home after trying to get into his home.
Tyler Gebhard had made threats against the off-duty officer's family on Facebook before the break-in, police said.

Police said Tyler Gebhard grabbed a concrete planter and broke a window at the off-duty officer’s home.

“I don’t think the officer had a choice, I honestly don’t,” St. Louis county police chief Jon Belmar said at a press conference on Saturday.

The officer, a three-year veteran with the department, was placed on administrative leave following the shooting.

Belmar called the fatal encounter a “senseless death.”

Tensions continue to rise between Black Lives Matter supporters and police officers, as a rash of tragedies unfolded for both groups over the last week, withPhilando Castile’s and Alton Sterling’s police-involved killings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge, respectively, leading up to a boiling point when five Dallas police officers were killed.

strations across the country, speaking out against police brutality in Baton Rouge, New York, St. Paul.

A handful of police supporters have attacked Black Lives Matter, including former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh threatening “war” against the group, along withex-New York mayor Rudy Giuliani calling the protesters “inherently racist.”