To be a liberal, one must first be completely delusional and actually believe the fantasies in their heads and the BS and lies the Democrat Party spews.

BJ Slick, aka Bill Clinton, is the poster boy for the Democrat Party and liberals everywhere. He actually said, and I know, I couldn’t believe it either until I read it myself, that he couldn’t be elected today because “I don’t like embarrassing people the way Trump does.”

Yes, he actually said that. Check out the tweet, below, from The Hill, which set Twitter afire.

I recall vividly the liberals who actually believed that BJ Slick “did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” whose name is now synonymous with “fellatio.” I would look at them as though they had a third eyeball in the middle of their respective foreheads as they swore that Slick did not have sex with Lewinsky. Then, even AFTER DNA proof, they were still denying it. The word has not been invented for people that out to lunch.

And, as usual, James Woods takes no prisoners!….

Poor Slick. He was caught between the Bushes. Bush, the elder was ineffectual (to be kind) and all Bush, the younger wanted to do was wear the hat. He never actually did anything.

And, between them was Slick. All the poor boy ever wanted was a blow job.

Now that there is a real patriot in the White House straightening out twenty years of total incompetence, all of the ex-presidents from Bush I to Barack Hussein are taking turns bashing Trump. Recognizing that Trump is batting .800 and they are all single digit hitters, they can now only try to pull Trump down to their level as their time is long gone and they can do nothing else to protect what they believe are impressive legacies.

They aren’t!

Love this one….

Another one for the Hall of Fame….