By Thomas Madison

So, the Army has decided that, after a nearly one-year long investigation, they will charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion.

Duh! Any first-year law student would have come to that conclusion in fifteen minutes after interviewing the eyewitnesses. WTF?! It took the Army, with its own army of lawyers, nearly a year to determine this? The fact that Mullah Bergdahl walked away from his post, abandoned his unit and his responsibilities, got several people killed looking for him, and then spent five years knob-jobbing with Abdul and Nabil clearly proves that he was a deserter, to be as mild and as kind as possible. There is ample cause for suspicion of providing material support to the enemy, which is called treason.

Now we have a president who is trying to erase the desertion charge or at least suppress it. I reckon so! He gave away five high-value, extremely dangerous terrorists, and five billion hard-earned American taxpayer dollars to a terrorist organization (Taliban)…. for a lower-than-a-cockroach deserter! Wow, that’s not going to look good on the morning news shows. Some smiling TV personality will probably report that maybe Barrack Hussein is not God after all. Imagine that!

Come on, Army, do the right thing. Charge and try this scumbag and reward him with the long tour at Leavenworth.