By Thomas Madison

While Ben Carson didn’t use the word “endorse,” he praised Donald Trump with as much enthusiasm as Dr. Carson is capable of. He is a very low-key guy.

Dr. Carson’s ringing endorsement-without-using-the-word-“endorse” begins at the 1:23 mark. The video is difficult enough to hear, and Dr. Carson speaks very softly, so I have included the text of his endorsement-without-using-the-word-“endorse.”

“People who think that Donald Trump will be the worse thing that ever happened need to also understand that if he is the person selected by the people we make a really big mistake by trying to force the will of the people. And also recognize that Mr. Trump really does want to be successful.  I mean that’s a huge part of him. He would feel terrible if he had a presidency that was not successful. And he’s smart enough to know that he can not have a successful presidency with some of the things that he is talking about, so he would appoint people who are very very good and very very smart, and he would largely stay out of their way.”

Go, Donald!