Tony Shaffer has been a US intelligence professional nearly his entire adult career. He doesn’t say things unless he is absolutely certain that the information he is relaying is real and credible.

Watch, starting at the 30:30 mark in the video, below, as Shaffer makes a bombshell announcement, that the Awan brothers were transmitting sensitive national security data into a third data base, the recipient of which was the Muslim Brotherhood.

If Shaffer’s revelation is proven, which I believe it must already be or he wouldn’t have risked revealing it, then Democrat heads are going to roll on Capitol Hill and the party will regret the day it decided to attempt deposing President Trump via the Russian fairy tale. He and Jeff Sessions will be coming down hard, as they should be!

“They dumped off into a third data base, which is now being called a breach. So, that’s why the Capitol Hill Police rolled in saying, “there’s something is wrong here,” and now the FBI’s rolled in, and let me give you the big takeaway here – it looks like a foreign intelligence service may be the recipient of all this, and something called the Muslim Brotherhood.”