From the famous escalator ride to election day, we at Powdered Wig pushed very hard every day and in every way to help Donald Trump get over the top. For whatever contribution we made to The Donald becoming President we are proud, thrilled, and excited about the future.

Trump has been President-elect for two weeks, and already the country and the world are responding, and it is all good. The stock market is at an all-time high and manufacturers who once manufactured their products in the United States are announcing that they are coming home, bringing their jobs and their taxes back where they belong.

It looks like Apple is coming home, joining Ford as the second major American manufacturer that is likely moving its manufacturing back to the United States, where those companies were born and became household names.

Fearful of the 35% import tariff that Donald Trump is promising, and incentivized by the drastic corporate tax cut Trump is also promising, Apple has announced that it is exploring moving its manufacturing back to the US.

Frankly, there isn’t much to explore. Apple either moves or will watch an upstart American manufacturer steal its market away from them, as the upstart can now easily compete with Apple due to drastically reduced corporate taxes and not being burdened with the 35% import tariff. It’s a no-brainer!

I wrote this article three years ago, long before Donald Trump was on the presidential scene, regarding the tremendous benefit of the import tariff…. Time to Stop Being Stupid! It boils down to this…. WE (Americans) are in the driver’s seat. The most valuable thing in the history of the world is the American consumer market. We own, we control it, and we have been giving it away for free.

At the rate we have been going for the past two decades, in two more China will be the America of the 1960s and America will be the China  of the 1960s. We are transferring our wealth to China, Mexico, and other countries, all because our elected leaders were STUPID! and knew absolutely nothing about foreign trade, which thankfully, patriot, genius, and now President, Donald Trump does. It’s a whole new world. Hang on, folks, this is going to be a glorious ride!