By Thomas Madison

The US State Department released 296 emails yesterday of the 30,000 that Hillary turned over. She no longer even tries to hide glaring lies in her previous statements. The problem with lying is you have to remember your lies, which is apparently not Hillary’s strong suit. It is either incompetence or indifference, or both.

Responding to the charge made by the Congressional Select Committee that Hillary used multiple email accounts/addresses while at State, her team offered the following response on March 10, 2015:


The screenshot below is clear proof that Hillary and her team are lying AGAIN! The night of the Benghazi attack she sent two emails from two separate accounts in the space of two minutes.


We certainly don’t want such a compulsive liar in our White House, but beyond the ceaseless lying her carelessness should exclude her from any consideration.

Is there anything Hillary can’t get away with? The lies are piling up. Shady dealings with foreign governments, giving her foundation cash, clearly at best a serious conflict of interest. Violating department regulations while HEAD of the Department of State. Even a body count! And this is the Democrat frontrunner?

H/T The Gateway Pundit