By Thomas Madison

National Review is as establishment Republican as the RNC. The establishment Republicans are all terrified of a President Trump. It could mean the end of their glorious ride on the American gravy train.

Andrea Tantaros, a Fox News personality, has been told that she should quit her job for being a Trump supporter. These are not Democrats telling Tantaros this. These are establishment Republicans!

The following dialogue and video are from Fox News….

Andrea Tantaros: “They have been doing this. Specifically, you see, Charles Cooke, who is a writer for National Review, he tweeted out that I should give my job to somebody else. Also, I saw a tweet, it was a meme, by Kevin Williamson of National Review trying to make me seem stupid. There’s a girl talking about biorhythms, or something. So I’ve gotten my fair share as well from folks on the right and the left and in the media calling me stupid and Trump supporters as well.”

Harris Faulkner: “Because you support Trump?!”

Andrea Tantaros: “Exactly! I should give up my job according to men in the Republican Party.”