By Thomas Madison

At least one Fox commentator is telling the truth about Donald Trump instead of slamming him at every opportunity, a la Megan Kelly and Charles Krauthammer, to name a couple.

Andrea Tantaros believes what I have been thinking for some time now. Donald Trump is much farther ahead than the polls indicate, and his support is far broader, especially on the issue of immigration, Muslim immigration in particular.

Is our leadership so stupid as to continue opening the gates for Muslims, a significant number of which are young, fighting-age males? Suicidal negligence!

Andrea Tantaros: This polling is big. And Cat, you’re right, people don’t answer polling honestly. You call and say, “Hi, is this Sandra Smith? At this address or telephone number? Hi, do you agree with Donald Trump wanting to ban Muslims?” What are you going to say? Most people wouldn’t say “yes,” especially now that the administration said that they’re going to come after people for anti-Muslim rhetoric. So they’re not answering that question honestly. I bet that number is a lot higher, and I think more people support Trump than they’re willing to admit.

Sandra Smith: Alright, so I’ll ask you the question that people are asking themselves in restaurants and bars and coffee houses across this country right now. Will he win the primary, and if so will he beat Hillary Clinton?

Andrea Tantaros: Yes, he could! It’s very real. No one thought he would get this far. His numbers are not moving and no one is really able to take him on and take that number one slot. I mean they’re coming close, but it’s absolutely possible. And I also think he could beat Hillary Clinton, no question. Why? Because he can make a play, as the Wall Street Journal so astutely pointed out, for those middle class voters and those independent voters. Hillary would be in big trouble!