One of the most disappointing, yet hilarious, traits of mainstream media talking heads is their willingness to speak about things they know nothing about as though they are experts in the field.

Case in point: MSNBC talking head Andrea Mitchell who took to Twitter recently to educate the world on the blast characteristics of shotguns, which is the weapon used in the recent Annapolis massacre, and which she obviously knows nothing about, but about which she will not hesitate to attempt to impress you with what she believes you will believe is her vast firearms expertise.

Mitchell, hereafter referred to as Annie Oakley, is parroting fellow firearms ignoramus Pete Williams who claims that shotguns are like a reverse funnel, which, I suppose, means he believes that projectiles exiting the barrel hang an immediate left, right, up, or down in a 45- degree cone, which is ridiculous. In close quarters, like a newsroom, there was likely no spread at all, and we haven’t even talked about ammunition or the weapon’s choke. If the shooter was using slugs, then there would obviously be no spread.

Speaking of morons who hate guns even though they have no idea what one looks like, watch Crazy Uncle Joe Biden give a woman advice on protecting herself…. “buy a shotgun,” the recoil from which knocks most women silly.