So, here’s the setup. MSNBC brings on a panel of Trump-haters to pile on President Trump for expelling 60 Russian intelligence operatives masquerading as diplomats.

Sounds like a great plan, right? In addition to the host, MSNBC trots out card-carrying Trump-hater Bill Kristol who liberals love, always trying to pass him off as a conservative who hates Trump when actually he is as conservative as Hitlery Clinton.

Loading up the panel with Trump-haters, MSNBC also invited Barack Hussein’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, who has been critical of President Trump in the past.

The wheels came off the Trump bashfest from the start when the host asked McFaul “what kind of message” President Trump’s expulsion of the Russians was sending to Putin and the Russian leadership.

McFaul proceeds to praise President Trump, declaring that he sent “the right message” to Russia, as Kristol and his fellow liberal weenies on the panel stare at him as though they’ve just stepped in a fresh pile of doggie doo.