Listen as the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King avoids favoring one presidential candidate and party over another, diplomatically sidestepping questions regarding her personal preference.

Instead, King points to “platform” as being the guiding principle in choosing a candidate, not personality or which candidate is a bigot.

Then, at the 2:56 mark, Ms. King begins to reveal her personal preference….

“I like the opportunities that are offered not just to the black community, but definitely to the black community.

I would like to see our black young men and women get out of jail, get back to work, and get back to school.

It sounds very promising the plan that Mr. Trump is presenting for the urban communities because right now many of our urban communities that are kind of overrun with Democrat leaders like mayors and all that kind of thing, there’s a lot of trouble in those cities, and I believe whichever candidate who has the platform that can put America back to work, back to church, back to school, and make us healthy again, I believe that is an excellent platform.”