Creation versus evolution has always been very interesting to me. Though an ardent practitioner of the mystery of faith, I try to remain open-minded and view the subject from the evolutionist’s point of view. However, I have never found any evidence suggesting that we are all ancestors of some creature that climbed out of the sea or simply became spontaneously from thin air.

In fact, I have found so many holes in the theory of evolution that I now question the sanity of those who believe it. Yet, many millions do.

There are simply too many unanswered questions to accept evolution as a plausible theory explaining our existence. For example, the fossil record. Where is it? There is no evidence that horses evolved into what we know as horses today. According to the fossil record, horses were always horses. They did not evolve from anything else. Likewise, all creatures.

The human eye is a miraculously designed organ. It is much different, in function and design, than the eye of a bird. Both are tools designed and CREATED for the specific uses of their respective owners. There is no evidence to suggest that the eyes of either evolved over time.

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There have been cases of environmental evolution, but not true genetic evolution. Animals, including man, and plants have evolved slightly over time in response to their environment. Diet, for example, has improved over the millennia and has made animals bigger, stronger, and able to live longer. But that is not genetic evolution. There simply is no evidence to support the notion that man, the most complex, sophisticated machine in recorded history (including fossil history), evolved from a single cell under a rock somewhere. Any such belief is fantasy.

Putting aside the Bible and the mystery of faith for a moment, I see no way around the logical theory of intelligent design…. creation. A Harvard researcher agrees, scientifically concluding via DNA evidence that the mitochondrial DNA (passed via the mother) links every human on earth to a single female. Likewise, the Y chromosome, passed from father to son, links all men on earth to a single male ancestor. There is simply no diverging DNA pattern to suggest otherwise.

More of my own thoughts following the article below from The Horn….

Genesis vs. Evolution has been fiercely debated for decades.

That could all be over soon. A genetics expert and Harvard Medical School graduate claims his research proves, through DNA testing, the biblical account of Adam and Eve.

The data, first released in 2015, has been tested for years and the controversial information has left some evolution scientists in shock.

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson led a study focusing on DNA in order to evaluate the theory that men and woman can trace their lineage back to a single man and a single woman, according to Charisma News.

Jeanson says found majority of his proof in Eve and her mitochondrial DNA that has carried from generation to generation.

According to his research, the variations in this mitochondrial DNA between people proves that all of humanity descended from just one female, as stated in Genesis.

He claims if we all descended from different woman with wide variations in mitochondrial DNA, we would have much more genetic diversity than we currently have.

Answers in Genesis’ Georgia Purdom released a documentary based on Jeanson’s findings, and described in detail how she interprets his conclusions.

“He clearly shows that the common human female ancestor of us all (Biblical Eve) lived within the biblical time frame of several thousand years ago,” she explains.

The instability of the mitochondrial DNA suggests it’s youth, fitting with the Biblical time frame.

His research also suggests that the mutations in the Y chromosome passed down identically from father to son can trace men back to one man, Adam.

While some experts agree the Jeason’s findings could alter our entire understanding of human history, there are many theories about how man came to be.

Not everyone is as convinced as Purdom — and some evolution scientists have totally dismissed his claims.

More of my own wacky thoughts….

At one point, I thought, ‘Well, couldn’t creationism and evolution coexist?’ In other words, was it not possible for both to be correct? Was it not possible that man was created but evolved to become modern man?

No, coexistence is not possible. The timeline proves that. Cro-Magnon (modern man) is proven to be about 40,000 years old, perfectly in keeping with biblical teaching. Neanderthal (the primitive apelike/manlike creature evolutionists hang their hats on) existed 200,000 to 500,000 years ago, and possibly Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon coexisted on earth for a short period. Cro-Magnon is not a descendant of Neanderthal. That is my opinion, based upon my own research and reading. While there are theories, I know of no evidence of cross-breeding, or that breeding between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal was any more possible than breeding between modern humans and sheep.

It seems every question answered on this subject creates ten more, like Dr. Jeanson’s very important answer to the question, “Did we all come from a single pair of ancestors?” Dr. Jeanson’s research not only supports the theory that we did, it proves it. And it creates many more questions.

For example, knowing what we know today, how was it possible for the children of Adam and Eve, with identical DNA, through incest, to have healthy children? At what points did mutations occur to sufficiently diversify unique DNA strands? How and why did they occur? Was that also intelligent design?

Lots of questions, but more and more evidence appears daily to support the theory of creation and intelligent design and debunk the theory of evolution.

As I tell evolutionists when I meet them, “If you want proof of the existence of God, look into the eyes of a child. That is where he lives.” All the hope, the promise, and now mounting scientific evidence is right there in front of you. All you have to do is see it.