Baby Was Born Alive After an Abortion at 24 Weeks, Nurse Left Him on the Table Struggling to Breathe

By Steven Ertelt,
The issue of infanticide following an abortion is very real — and statistics from the United Statesand Canada show hundreds of babies are left to die after they are born alive following a failed abortion.
The issue is not isolated to North America, as a pro-life legal group in Europe is standing up for these babies. On June 23, the Council of Europe will decide on the admissibility of the Petition Against Neonatal Infanticide signed by over 200,000 people, who asked it to reaffirm the right to life and to the care of babies surviving their abortion. These children are often left to die without care and disposed of with organic waste.

Grégor Puppinck, director of the ELCJ, says: “To prevent this debate, some Members of the Assembly say that such facts do not exist. This is why it is important that doctors, midwives and nurses dare testify to this reality. The ECLJ will present a report containing testimonies and statistics to members of the Council of Europe.”

Puppinck says he has received the testimony of a medical school student who witnessed a baby left to die after a botched abortion.

“I am a midwife student in the last year, and saw, during an internship in a maternity department of the North (59, France), a child born alive from an abortion on medical grounds,” the nurse said. “He was 24 weeks of gestation and the midwife left the child struggling to breathe, by leaving the baby alone on the resuscitation table.”

She continued: “He died within 10 minutes, greatly weakened by labor contractions (triggered). We did not check the heart sounds during labor, to “preserve” the mother. And the midwife told me that in these cases, “it is born dead if he is lucky, otherwise … well… we have no choice… for the parents…”

The nurse concluded: “I saw a baby struggle against death, in total indifference to his suffering… A chilling inhumanity… This leads to situations of horror… I saw this at 19, I’m 22 and I’ll never forget… I have the desire to become a doctor in order to treat those who no longer have “the right” to be cared for…”

Puppinck also has the testimony of a midwife who has seen this type of post-abortion infanticide.

“As a midwife for almost 9 years, I can testify that babies born from late abortions (case of abortion on medical grounds (ITG)) without feticide, that is to say usually between 20 and 24 weeks gestation, may be born alive. The medical team is then often uncomfortable and either puts the baby in a tray in a separate room until he stops showing signs of life, or asks a gynecologist, anesthetist or pediatrician for a morphine injection in the cord that some accept … or not,” she says.


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