By Thomas Madison

In a recent segment of the Fox News program, “Outnumbered,” the co-hosts reviewed the movie, “13 Hours.” It wasn’t exactly a Hitlery Clinton lovefest.

I saw “13 Hours” on the first night of its release. Powerful movie. A few too many clever one-liners, intended as humor, to suit me for such a somber subject, but that isn’t major. The production team and actors did an outstanding job portraying events as they occurred in Benghazi, Libya.

The two predominant emotions I experienced throughout the movie were sadness and anger. As an ex-soldier, to put myself in the shoes of those proud, doomed warriors, pleading and waiting for help that never came, made my blood boil at the worthless Hussein administration, and especially Hitlery Clinton.

There are many people who know exactly what happened in Benghazi. Why haven’t they come forward? General Carter Ham and his inner circle at Africom, Hitlery underlings in the State Department, CIA supervisors and operatives, Hussein administration officials. These people know what happened and where the “stand down” order originated. Why aren’t they speaking? That is shameful!

In one exchange, Andrea Tantaros remarked “frankly, if anyone sees this movie, which everyone should go see it, and then goes on to vote for Hillary Clinton….. they’re a criminal!”

Roger that, Andrea. They are also traitors!