In an interview with Hugh Hewitt today, Donald Trump hinted that he is seriously considering John Bolton as Secretary State.

Bolton would be a very good choice, second only to Newt Gingrich, in my opinion.

In the audio, below, beginning around the 3:00 mark, The Donald makes this surprise announcement.

Trump was quick to point out that making the announcement too early subjects the candidate to an invasive media rectal exam, poking and probing to generate sensational news at the expense of the candidate, which is true. It is smart to make cabinet appointment announcements after the election.

Responding to Hewitt’s probing regarding naming Bolton as Secretary of State now, The Donald declared, “I think John Bolton’s a good man. I watched him yesterday, actually, and he was very good in defending me in some of my views, and very, very strong, and I’ve always liked John Bolton. Well, we are thinking about it, Hugh. I will say that. We are thinking about it. I mean, the negative is what I told you. But we are seriously thinking about it.”