VIDEO: Putin and Obama meet for the last time at APEC. Check out their ice cold encounter

Meeting for probably the last time at the APEC conference in Lima, Peru, Putin and Hussein met for four minutes. The discussion appeared to be sober and chilly, ending with an ice cold handshake.

VIDEO: Putin congratulates Trump. They are engineering a new US/Russian alliance, based upon friendship and cooperation. Beautiful!

A single election has changed the course of history for the entire planet for the better, forever. A new era of US/Russian alliance marked by friendship and cooperation, thanks to Trump and Putin.

Hmmmm. The Hitlery camp is accusing Vladimir Putin of leaking the hacked DNC emails to help Trump. I have a theory….

Of course, Putin denies it, and the Trump campaign, in the person of Paul Manafort, labels the charge “absurd.” But is it?

VIDEO: Vlad Putin schools CNN lamebrain Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and America’s undemocratic elections.

What Zakaria and the Republican elitists have failed to recognize is that it matters not a whit who they want in the White House. Trump is the peoples’ choice!