Breaking: Philly cop ambushed by Muslim with stolen gun, shot 3 times. Muslim shot and caught, confessed he did it “in the name of Islam”

By Thomas Madison More love and tolerance from the religion of peace! A Philadelphia police officer was ambushed by a Muslim gunman, who fired thirteen shots into the officer’s patrol car, hitting him three times. The officer, Jesse Hartnett, who […]

VIDEO: Muslim invasion. This is not a fictional horror flick, folks. This is the real-life horror Europeans are living with every day now

By Thomas Madison The poor citizens of Europe are living a nightmare. The bleeding-heart liberals they have elected have opened the gates, and Islam is moving in. In the name of multiculturalism and political correctness Europe is being overrun. Because […]

Oslo, Norway police: “We have lost the city.” Muslims taking over, crime rampant. THIS is why our Second Amendment is so important!

Photo, above: Oslo robbery victim, Sturla Nostvik, assaulted, robbed, and kidnapped by Muslim thugs By Thomas Madison The poor residents of Oslo, Norway are living a nightmare. In one district of the city, Gronland, which is close to the Norway […]

Muslims strike at Colorado meat plant for not being able to stop working and pray several times a day. They got fired, now whining like babies

By Thomas Madison Good on Cargill, the employer of several hundred Muslim workers in Colorado who went on strike recently to demand set-aside prayer time several times a day. Cargill management refused, telling the workers, “If you want to pray, go […]

While American liberal weenies are bawling over Trump’s proposal to halt Muslim immigration, liberal France is closing mosques. Why? SURVIVAL!

By Thomas Madison American liberals are wringing their hands and sobbing over the prospect of Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily halt Muslim immigration into the US until the K-1 visa program has been properly examined and overhauled to prevent future upstanding individuals […]

Scary as HELL video! Witness the misery in Europe at the hands of Muslim “refugees.” Pay attention, America! Pay close attention!

By Thomas Madison The most popular name for a male baby in London today is Muhammed! The following video, sent to us by Powdered Wig reader, Stokes Terri, is not a motion picture of Hollywood fiction, produced for entertainment. It […]

Muslim migrants leave their garbage all over Germany, the Christmas gift from Angela Merkel to the German people. It just keeps on giving!

By Thomas Madison In the name of political correctness German Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants to Germany, which has resulted in disaster. Now the historically immaculate and scenic roadways of Germany are strewn with miles […]

Donald Trump is right! Hundreds of Muslim “refugees” in Europe have been caught with images of severed heads and ISIS flags on their cell phones

By Thomas Madison “They’re fine,” they said. “They’re from the religion of peace,” they said. “They’re just harmless refugees,” they said. Really? Donald Trump is right! Hundreds of the so called Muslim “refugees” in Europe have been caught with shocking […]

Muslim immigrants gang rape elderly Colorado woman in horrific ways. So, Barack Hussein, how is that Muslim immigration plan working out for you?

By Thomas Madison Although this horror story of a terroristic crime occurred three years ago, it is especially relevant today, given the impending Muslim “refugee” invasion being engineered by Barack Hussein. About the time that Hussein was being inaugurated to […]

Barack Hussein is planning to send 250,000 Muslim refugees to the Navajo reservations of AZ and ND. Moronic!!

By Thomas Madison UPDATE: I’m not sure where the claim that most of the wave of 250,000 Muslim refugees will be dumped on the Navajo came from. According to Roy Hobbus in the article below, the claim came directly from […]

“Accept the Muslim refugees,” they said. “It will be great,” they said. We did. Some became terrorists. Trump is right – NO more Muslim refugees!

Photo, above: Model American citizen, Abdullah Ramo Pazara, a Muslim refugee, who eleven days after receiving his US citizenship, traveled to Syria to become a high-level nutjob for ISIS. By Thomas Madison “We must invite the poor, underprivileged Muslim refugees to […]

VIDEO: Massive anti-Islamization of Europe protests happening across the continent. In the US? Not so much!

Photo, above: Tens of thousands of Germans march on Dresden protesting Angela Merkel’s immigration policy. Scroll down for video. By Thomas Madison The Muslim invasion of America appears to be generally accepted by the people, judging by the lack of […]

Breaking! Brussels under lockdown from Islamic terror threats, multiple police operations underway, so far apprehending 16 Muslims

From Jay Akbar and Corey Charlton, Daily Mail Belgian police opened fire on the driver of a vehicle during raids targeting terror suspects across Brussels last night in which 16 people were arrested. The prosecutors office said it was during […]

From Contributing Author, Rod Eccles on Muslim refugees: Is the United States REALLY going to do this even though history says we should not?

By Rod Eccles There is a great amount of rhetoric floating around over the Syrian Refugees due to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. The questions being asked are should the United States take them in?  Should we block […]

BREAKING! At least 60 killed in 4 simultaneous terror attacks in Paris. Terrorists were killing crying hostages as they begged police to rescue them

From J Kouri, Conservative Base  French police are reporting that simultaneous attacks — an explosion in a bar near a Paris soccer stadium, a shootout on the streets outside Paris restaurants and a hostage situation in a concert hall where a California […]

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