BOOM! Still a month to go to inauguration and Donald Trump is vowing to keep his promise to ban Saudi oil from the US

Financiers of terrorist attacks that have killed Americans, Saudi Arabia has been laughing in the face of the American people for over 20 years.

VIDEO: Powerful scene as North Carolina as electors sing God Bless America as they march to the State Capitol to cast their votes for Trump

There was one very symbolically powerful scene in Raleigh, North Carolina as the fifteen electors marched to the State Capitol singing “God Bless America.”

Should President Trump investigate Obama and prosecute the Clintons? YES! Not doing so would violate his voters’ trust. They are not exempt!

‘”Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their ilk are not ‘good people. They are evil to the core and must be dealt with accordingly.”

VIDEO: Barack Hussein will stay in Washington, is now setting up a shadow government to undermine Trump’s presidency

I am praying that President Trump is especially vigilant against this evil cabal, and the minute they commit any illegal act, and you know they will, arrest and prosecute them, and take down the organization.

VIDEO: Donald Trump receives deathbed message from a dying Marine

Larry was a friend, a kindred spirit, a Christian, a patriot, a loyal supporter of Donald Trump, and a Marine. Not a former Marine, but an always Marine. We spoke just four days ago via private message.

Foreign policy expert and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger likes Donald Trump’s foreign policy and declared that it may be “something remarkable”

In an interview with Face the Nation, Kissinger praised Donald Trump’s foreign policy as “something remarkable,” high praise from one the greatest foreign policy experts on the planet.

More love and tolerance from the left as Politico writer tweets that Donald Trump is “f*cking his daughter.” Politico did the only thing it could do and promptly fired her

Ioffe’s crude and caustic tweet went viral and she is now on her knees apologizing and begging forgiveness as she watches her career as a so-called journalist flash before her eyes.

A website has been started raising money to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump. Why no outrage, mainstream media? This is a very serious crime!

Wouldn’t raising money online to assassinate someone be considered several crimes including “conspiracy to commit murder,” “terroristic threatening,” and “inciting violence,” among other crimes?

JFK’s tax policy, Ronald Reagan’s tax policy, and Donald Trump’s tax policy – peas in a pod of economic boom!

It’s just history, Democrats. Grab a book and read, you may learn something. I doubt it, but give it a try anyway!

Donald Trump’s progress as Commander-in-Chief-elect…. with a biblical twist

America is going to be great again, by God, and the pagan horde seeking to undermine this calling and our activity on this behalf will fall short in their aims and goals.

VIDEO: All is not yet safe for a peaceful transition between Barack Hussein and Donald Trump. Scary things afoot that make Trump inauguration appear to be in jeopardy

The modern Democrat Party, the most corrupt political machine in American history, is still not willing to concede a free and fair election won by the populist/nationalist Donald Trump.

BOOM! Consumer confidence, the stock market, and the entire US economy is skyrocketing since Donald Trump’s election

Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, consumer confidence has skyrocketed. This is, no doubt, in response to Trump’s America First economic policy.

Another video of the Army-Navy football game as President-elect Trump is spotted by fans as he was making his way to his seat. And the crowd goes wild!

Watch as Donald Trump makes his way through the stadium to his seat at the Army-Navy football game in Baltimore. When the crowd below spotted him they went bananas.

VIDEO: Watch the crowd go wild as Donald Trump enters the stadium at the Army-Navy game. Take notes, Barack. THIS is what a Commander-in-Chief looks like!

Watch as this video compares the crowd’s response to Barack Hussein’s attendance at the Navy-Army game in 2011 to Donald Trump’s attendance today.

Unforgivable! We compare Time magazine’s demeaning article on Trump’s 2016 Person of the Year selection to their drooling report on Obama’s selection in 2008

Time has drooled all over Obama for the past eight years while he has doubled our debt, made the Middle East a malignant quagmire, set race relations back fifty years, and practically destroyed America.

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