President Trump fired acting Attorney-General Yates after she ordered DOJ lawyers to stop defending his immigration ban.

Case in point, his acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who was actually stupid enough to order her department to defy President Trump’s entry ban. So The Donald fired her before she could say “WTF!”

VIDEO: More love and tolerance from the left, as anti-Trump cowards sucker punch a Trump supporter at Portland airport, knocking him out while they jeered at him

Their leftist hypocrisy was on full display as they turned violent, sucker punching a Trump supporter, hitting him from behind and knocking him to the floor, where he lay unconscious as they jeered.

President Trump and Putin agreed to cooperate in fighting ISIS as well as on other regional issues in their first phone conversation.

In a telephone conversation Saturday, US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to join forces on a range of common issues, most importantly the total destruction of ISIS.

Netanyahu praised Trump’s plan for a southern border wall after the latter defended similar measures by Israel.

When criticized about the effectiveness of a border wall, President Trump always points to Israel’s wall as an example of the success of a border wall and the wisdom of building one.

BOOM! Liberal heads are exploding as one week into his presidency illegals are already being deported by President Trump

And so it begins, only a week into his presidency. The big purge. The involuntary exodus of illegal immigrants from the United States, as per the directive of President Donald Trump.

LOL! Remember snowflakes threatening to move to Canada because of Trump’s tough immigration policy? Looks like they can’t, because of Canada’s tough immigration policy

Poor little snowflakes. I know of not one who told the truth when they said they were moving to Canada. They are still here and they are still crying the blues, eh. I find the spectacle richly amusing.

The Palestinians are irate that the Trump administration did not condemn Israel for building homes on its own land

I am loath to mention the name Barack Hussein, hoping that history will forget him and the darkness he brought to America and the world.

VIDEO: Dallas high school teacher videos mock Trump assassination in her classroom

THIS is why our schools are failing. They are being taught by slimy parasites like this scumbag, Payal Modi, a high school teacher in Dallas, Texas.

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: Trump has committed the most revolutionary act I’ve seen in 45 years

In the video below Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how President Trump “ordered a truly revolutionary act, the likes of which I have never seen in the 45 years I have studied the government’s laws.

UPDATE: The Trump administration has frozen Obama’s secret massive monetary gift to the Palestinian Authority

Anti-Semite Barack Hussein released the last minute gift to the Palestinian Authority as an apparent kick in the teeth to Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel.

BOOM!! More Trump Effect. The Dow hit 20,000 this morning for the first time in history

With the election of President Trump economic indicators are skyrocketing. Market confidence is off the charts as the Dow hit 20,000 this morning for the first time in history.

The Democrat Party will now be calling for Trump’s arrest for larceny. He just stole the union vote from them

These are strangely unfamiliar and wonderful times in which we live. Whooda’ thunk that a labor union, any labor union, would find itself praising a Republican president?

CAIR leader calls for overthrow of Trump’s administration. Now that he is aware of the penalty for sedition, he is claiming it was “an inside joke”

Since Ayloush has been made aware that his stupidity constitutes sedition, the penalty for which is up to 20 years in prison, he is attempting to walk back his statement, calling it “satire” and an “inside joke.”

VIDEO: A group of liberal crybabies has sued President Trump for violating the Constitution. This nonsense will continue for the next four years

Barring a corrupt judge I see absolutely no chance of this frivolous and ridiculous lawsuit going anywhere. That will not, however, shut up the liberal crybabies

BOOM! Trump’s first executive order – killing TPP, the biggest steaming pile of a trade deal since NAFTA

President Donald Trump’s first executive order effectively killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trump’s order officially withdraws the United States from TPP negotiations.

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