Spiteful Obama Blocks Off View of Mt. Rushmore

Posted by: October 05, 2013mount-rushmore - Edited

In yet another truly disgusting move that reeks of spitefulness, the National Park Service, under orders from Obama, have been blocking off all of the viewing areas of Mt. Rushmore

with cones. Not only did they close down the park that the monument is located in, but they are now blocking off any and all spots along the roads surrounding the park that provide a viewing spot for picture taking. The state government of South Dakota has expressed their displeasure with the administration, and even offered to pay any maintenance costs that may be incurred in keeping the park open. The National Park Service declined South Dakota’s offer.

South Dakota Senator John Thune, a Republican, said that blocking off all viewing areas with cones was “outrageous”, and says the administration is making the shutdown as painful as possible. A spokesperson for the state’s  Democrat Senator Tim Johnson says that the problem would be fixed if Republicans would just send a clean CR that funds Obamacare to Harry Reid.

This is just another example of how our arrogant President is deliberately making the shutdown appear worse than it really is. While there are ample areas of government waste and programs that could easily be cut without anyone noticing, Obama has instead chosen to close down, block off and barricade the parks, memorials and monuments that hold historical and sentimental value to Americans all across this country.

I wonder when Obama will start blocking off the federal highways and interstates, due to the government shutdown, of course.