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Cantor Boehner Republican Congress SC Shameless

For a while now, you have suspected your wife hasn’t been telling you everything.

She’s always cared about her appearance; but lately, she’s been piling on the makeup like she hasn’t since you were dating. She showers a lot and takes longer lunches. Her text message alert on her phone goes off, prompting her to giggle and blush. You ask her what’s up; “just a friend saying something funny” she says. You even hear her mumbling another man’s name in her dreams at night.

You know in your gut something is amiss. You suspect a betrayal is happening right under your very nose. But you have loyalty to this relationship. Not to mention the fact you don’t want to be made to look the fool, and you’re scared of what the endgame is should your suspicions prove to be true. This has been the only life you’ve ever known. If you confront her and she doesn’t want to work through the situation, can you handle living life alone? Are you really ready to start dating all over again? Will you ever be able to trust again even if you were?

Not yet ready to wrestle with those questions, you decide to punt and kick the can down the road for now. Essentially, you decide you would prefer to live a lie rather than confront the potential truth.

Weeks go by, and you pretend to be blissfully ignorant; but in the back of your mind, the lack of intimacy between you and your wife is starting to really gnaw at you. Especially since you’re pretty convinced another man is rubbing your rhubarb. But again, the thought of confronting the truth is just too painful.

Until one day, you come home from work early and there’s a strange car in your driveway. You unlock the front door and are greeted with awkward noises and moaning coming from upstairs. Your instincts have you climbing the stairs to see what’s going on when you really don’t want to know. The front door to your bedroom is wide open. You reach the top of the stairs and peak through the doorway, only to witness your wife carrying on with another man in the middle of the day in your own bed.

Shattered, you say not a word as you descend to the bottom of the stairs. You walk into the family room, looking out the window pondering your next move. Emotionally, you’re a mixture of anger, revolt, and defeat. All of a sudden, you hear the refrigerator door open in the kitchen. But before you walk over to see who it is, you are confronted with the image of a naked man drinking one of your favorite beverages walking right past you like it’s nobody’s business. He doesn’t even acknowledge you’re there while he sits down in your recliner and leans back to bring the footrest up. He says not a word until he brazenly asks you, “Hey man, do you know where the remote control is?”

This is the point of no return grassroots patriots have reached with the current leadership of the Republican Party.

The GOP’s betrayal of its base now runs so deep and has become so obvious that the ruling class of the Republican Party isn’t even trying to lie to us anymore. They are just parading their whorish shamelessness out in the open and in our faces.

Case in point: one of the top Republican strategists in America, Boyd Marcus, has decided to take a job working for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who is running for governor of Virginia. That’s the same Terry McAuliffe who is the former chairman of the Democrat National Committee. That’s the same Terry McAuliffe who has been a prolific fundraiser for the Democrat Party and its liberal causes for decades, including being the top fundraiser for the Clintons in the 1990s. That’s the same McAuliffe that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called on Democrats to drop as their gubernatorial candidate after one of his companies was revealed to be under investigation from the SEC for its soliciting of foreign investors.

The bottom line is you don’t get anymore Democrat than Terry McAuliffe, and that’s who top Republican strategist Boyd Marcus has decided to go work for.

When I say Marcus is a top Republican strategist, consider that he counts among his clients Congressman Eric “don’t defund Obamacare but do pass scamnesty” Cantor, the House Majority Leader. Marcus also worked for Bill Bolling, the former Lt. Governor of Virginia. Bolling was the Republican establishment’s choice to be the GOP nominee for governor, but the grassroots went with State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli instead. Bolling has done little to hide his disdain for the conservative Cuccinelli, and now his top consultant is working to get the Democrat elected.

The story of Boyd Marcus proves yet again these hacks aren’t RINOs or moderates. They’re really undocumented Democrats. RINOs are gutless, while moderates are pointless. These people are neither, nor are they “the stupid party” as we have preferred to describe them because that spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, rather than us admitting what we really know the truth to be. And that truth is they’re actively working to help the other team score points; and any competitor knows that whoever scores points for your opponent is really your opposition, no matter which jersey they’re wearing at the time.

Stories like this will prompt more stories like one that happened in Maine last month, where several members of the Republican State Central Committee (as well as a member of the Republican National Committee) resigned and left the party. They cited Speaker John Boehner’s “cowardly leadership” as well as “abandoning key principles for libertarians and conservatives” as reasons for their departure. “The Republican Party has lost its way” they wrote.

You may disagree with how they’ve chosen to act on their assessment of the Republican Party (I am still active in party politics), but you’d have to be a complete party shill to not admit their assessment is largely correct. So let’s not blame those who acted on their convictions, even if we don’t agree with their actions. Let’s put the blame where it belongs, on the undocumented Democrats running the Republican Party who only care about their own self interest.

But don’t just take my word for it. Boyd Marcus admits the truth when he says he’s working for McAuliffe because “he seems like the candidate willing to work with both parties to get things done.”

Translation: Marcus actually agrees with McAuliffe more than he does Cuccinelli on the issues. Plus, McAuliffe isn’t nearly the threat to the scam of gangster government people like Boyd Marcus have been profiting off of for years that Cuccinelli is. Marcus, a Republican strategist, wants to beat the Republican nominee for governor for all the reasons you want Cuccinelli elected.

It’s time to stop lying to ourselves and pretending she’s not cheating on us.

Aiding and abetting a spouse’s betrayal is what makes you the fool, not confronting it. For too long, we have come up with every explanation for why the GOP establishment fails (dumb, gutless, stupid, etc.) rather than accepting the simplest and most obvious one—these people are feckless operatives for the very worldview we became Republicans to defeat.

Not voting for these feckless hacks opposite Democrats in general elections doesn’t make you the problem; it makes you honest. It’s those of us who continue to prop up these treacherous moles, while lying to ourselves as we do it and then condemning our friends who refuse to lie to themselves any longer, that are the problem. However, let’s endeavor to be patient with those who haven’t removed the scales from their eyes yet; for at one time, we also drank the Kool-Aid.

In the meantime, let us never forget that people like Boyd Marcus are more proof a bad Republican isn’t better than a good Democrat. They’re really just one in the same.