Poll: Harry Reid is the Most Hated “Leader” in Congress

From Capitalism Institute, 9/25/2013

In the past, it was Nancy Pelosi who was the most hated congressional leader, as people remembered her almost never-ending insane comments. She claimed we had to pass Obamacare before we could see what was in it.

She just recently claimed that there is nothing “left” to cut when it comes to spending. She’s a complete fruitcake.

Now, however, the most hated congressional leader, according to Gallup, is Harry Reid. Sen. Reid is the Democrat majority leader of the senate.

Sen. Harry Reid has done most of Obama’s dirty work in the senate. He’s pushed for gun control, Obamacare, heavy regulations, more taxes, and everything else Obama has pushed for. Since becoming the majority leader in 2007, Harry has gotten quite a bit “done” to erode basic American liberties.

Gallup reports:

As Congress heads into a major fiscal showdown that could result in a government shutdown and the U.S. defaulting on its debt, few Americans approve of the job that top congressional leaders are doing. Americans give relatively low job approval ratings to Republican House Speaker John Boehner (37%), Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (33%), Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (39%), and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (35%)…

Republicans view Boehner and McConnell in an ambivalent to negative light. Nearly as many Republicans disapprove (44%) as approve (48%) of Boehner. In the Senate, McConnell is “underwater” with Republicans — 33% approve, while 47% disapprove.

In fact, a higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans approve of McConnell, although both groups are more likely to disapprove than approve. For the senator facing a high-profile primary race in his home state of Kentucky, these figures could be a sign of trouble.

Quite frankly, none of these people deserve high rankings. Boehner and McConnell have been doing their best to stab Sen. Cruz in the back, for example. Still, it’s encouraging to see that people are slowly realizing that central planning is a pretty horrible idea — trusting these people to “rule” society in the “right” way is, of course, completely insane. It just won’t work.

Republicans are also slowly waking up to just how corrupt the GOP establishment really is. The level of corruption is simply shocking — and it shows why even though Republicans generally favor less government, the GOP politicians continually push for more almost without exception.

Either way, something has to change. We are on an unsustainable path. We must change the leadership, the politicians, the political structure — anything it takes to defend liberty. This should be clear to most people by now.