Very true! We are paying a band of scumbag thugs to harass us, mess with our kids, steal from us, tell us what we can do, and more importantly, what we can't do. Then when the fake elections come along the career parasites all come to us with their hats in their hands, begging for MORE money so that they can make us and our families even MORE miserable. WHY are we so stupid to go along with this to go on for so long?

One way to fight this is to just stop paying taxes. But a majority of us need to do this. If it is just a couple percent then that couple percent will just wind up in jail, and Big Brother will steal even MORE money from those who remain to keep the couple percent behind bars.

The source of the problem is that stupid, naive, and corrupt people enjoy the privilege to vote. Reforming our voting system is our #1 long-term priority, in my opinion. I dream that a Convention of States can accomplish that, among other very important issues like term limits and reducing presidential power.

Other Convention of States/Constitutional Convention ideas:

The president should not be allowed to spend a dime without the consent of Congress.

ALL executive orders must be approved by Congress, and the president can no longer veto spending bills. The SOLE power of the purse will be in our Congress.

The president is given a budget by Congress and when his money runs out he is stuck in Washington, unless Congress authorizes him additional money for special circumstances. NO MORE taxpayer-paid vacations!

A constitutional amendment capping our budget as a certain percent of the previous year’s GDP.

The Fed cannot print and circulate money on its own. Any additional printing of money requires the approval of Congress.

Just a few ideas, but not all of them, to return us to sanity. Go, Convention of States!