by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society


No more political correctness, no more Mr. Nice Guy, no more stupidity! When we needed Harry Truman, he was there. When we needed Ronald Reagan, we found him. For the past two decades we have been searching for another leader who represents all that we need, as a nation, at a time when we so desperately need it. Enter Trey Gowdy.

We have been ostensibly and helplessly mired in a world of bend-over-backwards political correctness, where the death sentence is demanded for the most innocuous slight (see Donald Sterling, et al), where tradition and convention are discarded as trash in favor of the most alarming immoral practices, where the advanced interrogation of an enemy combatant, who just hours before had been actively engaged in the murder of Americans, is condemned, yet snipping the brain stem of a newborn child, the most innocent among us, is applauded as a legitimate “choice.”

We have needed a Pit Bull patriot, not a waggly-tailed lapdog with a sugar-sweet disposition, wearing a knitted sweater and a bandana covered in peace signs. We have needed a pure-bred warrior, a snarling junkyard dog whose mere presence (and perpetual scowl) commands attention and respect, a combatant who relishes the demanding test of battle, a stone-cold patriot who believes in America first and always, who understands that political correctness is for losers, who believes that waterboarding is a no-brainer, who recognizes that in some circumstances you can’t take prisoners, and that if you expect to be victorious, even to survive, you must match or exceed your enemy’s brutality to earn his fear and respect, to encourage him to leave the battlefield, to go home and get along. Anything short of that is inviting disaster, death, and defeat. Trey Gowdy is the pure-bred Pit Bull patriot America needs RIGHT NOW! It is also noteworthy that in sixteen years as a prosecutor Gowdy lost not a single case. Not one!

I am reminded of a class I was attending on the Geneva Convention as a young Army officer in the Officer Basic Course. The class was presented a scenario: We were leading an infantry platoon on a time-sensitive mission. We had captured POWs and had encountered a minefield which we must cross, and were required to develop a course of action. To me the answer was obvious – POWs take the point, my rationale being that when the Geneva Convention conflicts with my responsibility to my soldiers and duty to the Constitution, the Constitution trumps.

I was excoriated by our instructor. I sat there in depressing amazement, amazed not that I was being publicly flayed by a superior officer, but by the fact that I was surrounded by a hundred of my peers who remained silent. One or two even piled on, then a few more, joining the chorus of derision, which I simply dismissed as so much boot-licking. Eventually one other young lieutenant supported my position. The class ended, I passed, and the rest is history. But I NEVER forgot. I never will. Look around you and be careful who you trust. I have seen nothing in Trey Gowdy which gives me cause to distrust him, that he would prefer that I sacrifice the lives of my soldiers to appease a politically-correct agenda. Quite the opposite. He is authentic. His character is clear.

It is now time for the screeching pantywaists to STFU, get back under your beds, and allow the true patriots to take care of business. We will let you know when the coast is clear and you can come back out into the light of day. We will again suffer your prancing and dancing and will continue to defend to the death your First Amendment right to tell the world what monsters we are. Until then, stay out of the way and enjoy some Trey Gowdy as he and a handful of true patriots in Congress preserve your liberty and your future.