Liberal White-Hating Professor Beaten By Blacks In Harlem

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 BY 
prabhjot singh2 300x168 Liberal White Hating Professor Beaten by Blacks in Harlem

One of the more enduring lies from the Left about racial relations in America is the one popular in liberal circles in the 70′s about Blacks not being “able” to be racists because they don’t have the power to be. Coming from the same corner that loves to growl about power coming from “the barrel of a gun” and “by any means necessary” this would be a hypocritical position; but the leftis built on hypocrisy so it fits quite well.

Recently a Columbia professor took a walk along Harlem’s Malcolm X Boulevard. Theprofessor, who is a Skih with an Indian background, is a classic smug liberal . He is a “leader in speaking out against WhiteSupremacy.” He speaks the right words, walks the correct walk, probably smokes the right cigarettes; yet on this stroll through “his” neighborhood he discovered he was just another enemy of the localpeople who seem willing to hate with impunity.

Professor Prabhjot Singh didn’t get far when he was set upon and beaten becoming the latest non-Black victim of the growing bands of Black marauders searching for victims to avenge “Trayvon” or any other reason they deem sufficient to attack and kill people that don’t look like them.

They attacked him shouting, ‘Get Osama’ and ‘terrorists,’ and tried to rip his beard off.  When he ran they caught up with him and continued to beat him. His wounds included a broken jaw and kicked out teeth.  He ran. They chased him and knocked him down and beat him some more.

A liberal apologist for Black bad behavior to the end, Singh maintains he is not sure his attackerswere Black explaining he was unable to determine their race because it was “dark.”

By his reasoning they could have been a savage band of young bellicose Cockneys looking toavenge the loss of India as part of the British Empire.  Liberals are incapable of dealing with life in an honest forthright manner. They hide behind words like “nuance” which of course has become difficult for Singh to say given that his teeth have been kicked out of his head.