A Message To America

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OCTOBER 8, 2013 BY  American Flags SC A Message to America

Without trying to gross you out with some perverse picture that the following statement will no doubt bring to mind, it is in the very vulgarity of it that I open these thoughts with. “Bend over and take it”. My apologies to all.

The easiest part of what I wish to convey is “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck”. And with that brilliant piece of reasoning, let’s look at the actions of Obama across the land. His words must be set aside as mere spin, for that’s all that it is. What he is doing in a systematic way cannot be ignored; and the recent murder of my friend and pipeline from the covert world, Tom Clancy, necessitates my candor. It has come to my attention that my service to country is about to be exposed by a journalist, so I have to get this out while I still may.

Obama has made the leap from the giddy architect of hope and change to the full-on Marxist oligarch that he sees himself as. He studied the Constitution and the works of Alinsky only in order to understand what was needed to supplant and eviscerate the creed that formed its foundations. The fact that his moves that violate the Constitution have basically been ignored (not overlooked, for the folks that we voted into office see and do nothing, having been emasculated one and all) and allowed on all but the most in-your-face instances are not just curiosities, but the callous and plotted steps in an overall plan. THE MILITARIZATION OF LOCAL POLICE IS THE TELL TALE THAT WE ARE CLOSE TO DESPOTISM. Did I shout that loudly enough?

For years, the local politicians have stood proud in the moves that they have made in training and equipping local police to “serve” their communities as key and trusted compatriots. They cycle among us in uniform (with helmets on as is proper), they attend community events and speak up when asked, and they are part and parcel of the lifeblood of the communities they serve. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our churchmates. They are effective and proud of their records, accomplishments, and service; and they love both their work and the communities and neighbors that they serve. They are soon to be replaced by thugs and those who neither know us, nor care for us one bit. Mark these words.

Indicator number one. Your local communites were able to apply for funding to achieve greater protection for local police in personal protective gear. With that were options for equipping with “riot gear” and the attendant training needed for its effective use. The hook was the “freebie” nature of it. The trap was the fact of uniformity in training and ultimately in purpose. The secondary action was the lumping together for training of folks from disparate regions and districts. Thirdly, the notion that each district and region might be called upon because of the training that they had received to aid in a great emergency and therefore could be called upon and transported away from the home region.

“Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.” Exodus 1:8.

And with the new “ruler,” the old relationships were replaced; and the people were then enslaved. We have been safe and secure in the relationships that we have had with our protectors. Obama is seeing to it that those relationships will be replaced, in some instances casually and in others by splitting off the loyalties and replacing them with obedience to the rulers. So your local cop is now transported in basically a tank thanks to the largess of Obama and company. Think that it’s important to note this development? Your local cop has been bused or flown out to training grounds and can expect to be called upon to move to another area to “help” if the need is presented. After all, they got funding and training and equipment to use “for our benefit”, right? Because you still need to be protected, they will move in other “cops” from other areas or nations to see that your protection continues. “And the relationships that Joseph had established were replaced and the people were enslaved”.

Starting to recognize the “quack of the duck”? Starting to see the plan? Getting nervous yet? By even writing this, I have invited the same fate as befell my friend Tom, who was working on a novel very “Manchurian Candidate-ish”. But it was replete with fact and exposed the Saudi Muslim plant in the White House and the direct funding that went into it. Birth Certificate? Want the real one? Tom had it.

Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)