We have been trying desperately to transition to a new web host/server that is more able to meet the needs of Powdered Wig Society. It has been a VERY frustrating process.

If Powdered Wig Society disappears all of a sudden over the next few days it is because we are in Cyber Purgatory, en route to the new Heaven (web host/server) that awaits us.

We have attempted this switch three times. Each time there was one cyber/HTML SNAFU or another that prevented a clean transition.

Soooooo, we are going to try again. At some point over the next 24 hours we are going to disappear into that dreaded Cyber Purgatory. Not to worry! We will be back! The transition takes 4 to 24 hours (more like 24). Thank you all so much for your support! facebook-frustration_full