Saving America Is A Job For Adults; Children (Liberals) Need Not Apply

From Western Journalism
SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 BY  
 Obama Teleprompter Liberal Media SC Saving America is a job for adults; children (Liberals) need not apply

Somewhere along the past five years, we adults have stopped teaching our children. As our children’s first teachers, parents and adults in general have always had a responsibility to take our younger generation aside and explain why certain things are good and other things are bad. Chief among the bad things we have been charged by nature to explain is why expecting something for nothing is a bad way to live, and why it makes you little more than a house pet in the eyes of a tyrannical regime such as the one we live under.

We know the right thing; the numbers drawn from a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll confirm that the older we get, the more we understand the difference between what is good and what is bad. The problem is that we have allowed others to drown out our voice of common sense.

As a senior myself, I appeal to my fellow gray beards to please rally around Senator Ted Cruz. Go to his web site, and sign his petition demanding the defunding of Obamacare. If enough of us do so, we can change minds and change history (as we have done when they wanted to grant amnesty a few years ago and when “Old Blood and Guts” Obama wanted to lend our Air Force to his Al Qeada pals.)

When you consider whether to “get involved” in saving your own future and your children’s future, ask yourself: who has America’s best interest at heart? Ted Cruz, or Peter King and Tokyo Rove?

Who is doing the bidding of our political enemies, and who is fighting to bring America back from certain destruction?

Those of us over 65, who have actual life experience, hate Obamacare. The WSJ/NBC poll says by 55/22, we don’t want it.

Our children and people who think like children are split on this issue, with 33% against Obamacare and 31% for this train wreck among 18 to 34 year olds.

When they were little, we held our children’s hands tightly as we walked them across dangerous streets. We did that because we loved them and wanted to keep them safe. Whether they recognized the danger of oncoming traffic or not meant nothing; we did our jobs then. Our children are in danger again; it’s up to us to hold their hands once again and keep them safe.  Saving America is a job for Adults: children and the child-like need not apply.