Powdered Wig Society

By Thomas Madison

1. The school’s policy is beyond stupid.

2. The school doesn’t care. They are the boss of you and your children and you had better not fuck with them or you are going to pay. If they say you can’t have your kids, you had better shut up and say “yes, sir.”

3. The dad was never, at any point, confrontational. He was arrested anyway. Barney Fife, in the Chris Christie disguise, is the authority who determines what is “confrontational.”

4. The school administration and Barney Christie are embarrassed by the stupidity of their policy, but insist that it be shoved down the throats of the proletariat, because they are the boss and that is the end of it.

5.If this were a rogue cop it would be just a cute video. But it isn’t. These dumbasses exist in nearly every police department in America. Now they have been given more power, more resources, more weapons, more control, more military equipment, more authority, more money, and YOU are paying their salaries to screw with you and your family every day!