Powdered Wig Society

by Thomas Madison

Florida DUI suspect James Duckworth was clearing his throat while handcuffed in the police station, awaiting a breathalyzer test.

Corrections officer Charles Broaderick was offended by Duckworth’s attitude toward officers, claiming that he attempted to spit on the officers, which is certainly not evident by the video.

“You’re being treated how you’re acting. You’re acting like an asshole, you’re being treated as an asshole,” Broaderick told the suspect.

“You’re a gentleman,” Duckworth told one officer, noting the difference between that officer’s treatment and Broaderick’s treatment.

Shortly thereafter, Broaderick took offense, and pulling Duckworth’s head away from the cinderblock wall so that the could apply more velocity and force, slammed the suspect’s head into the wall, knocking him out and causing a laceration to the side of his head, evident by the blood on the wall.

Broaderick pinned the unconscious suspect’s head against the wall, claiming that he had spit at the officers, and a spit mask was installed over his head.

Following a long and thorough investigation, the claim by Broaderick that Duckworth initiated the assault by being aggressive toward the officers has been refuted by surveillance evidence.

Even though arrested for only 13 minutes before posting his $2,000 bail Broaderick is currently on unpaid leave pending further investigation. However, officials in the sheriff’s have stated that the video evidence alone is not enough to merit the officer’s full termination. Well, how about the REAL laceration on Duckworth’s head, Sheriff? If you allow scum like this to work in your office, you should be prosecuted yourself.

“Employees of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are expected, and required, to maintain the highest level of integrity and accountability in our dealings with the public — including inmates incarcerated in the Marion County Jail,” a statement from the sheriff’s office read.

Now, PROVE YOUR BIG TALK, Sheriff! Don’t just fire this punk! Prosecute him!