By Thomas Madison
October 6, 2013

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! For all of you who don’t really have time for politics, what with football and social outings and leaf-collecting and school and work and church and kids and yada, yada, yada…… PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE pay attention to what is happening in Washington. At least stay informed. Better yet, get active, even a little bit active. By that I mean contact your federal legislators. DEMAND their active participation in returning some semblance of sanity to that cesspool inside the beltway. Speak out, become vigilant. The futures of your children are at stake.

Barrack Obama continues to inflict as much misery as he can upon the American people. He does it shamelessly, he does it openly, he doesn’t care who knows. Most recently his temper tantrum was aimed at veterans. We all know by now of the showdown with WWII vets at their memorial. The 85- to 95-year old vets won that senseless skirmish by removing the barriers and visiting the memorial that was built in their honor, one last mission they had traveled so far to accomplish.

Now Obama has upped the ante, placing more security at not only the WWII Memorial, but also the Vietnam Memorial. Barricades have been wired together to prevent one or two people from simply moving them. Yesterday a veteran took a pair of wire cutters to the WWII Memorial and cut the wires holding the barricades together. He then saluted the memorial and left. Obama’s little tirade, which may appear to be simply political theater, is much worse. He sees himself as absolute ruler and dares anyone to challenge his authority. At what point will Americans have had enough of this tyranny? Why are so many shrugging and looking the other way?

Another VERY troubling event this week was the sanctioned murder of a dental hygienist in Washington at the hands of the Capitol police. The heat has been turned up a little more. The frog has no idea what is happening. It is now completely acceptable, without question, without investigation, for the government to execute regular American citizens for being so bold as to try to get away. She had no weapon. She had her baby in the car. She was likely freaking out. We will never know. She could have been stopped any number of ways, barricaded into a dead end, tires blown out, but EXECUTED????!!!! Just a little reminder of just how much power and authority Big Brother has. If you believe that your life is more valuable than this unfortunate dental hygienist…. THINK AGAIN!

I was much encouraged when King Hussein backed off of his “bomb Syria” plan. I thought that he finally understood that he can get away with only so much. Now, in a hissy-fit over the funding of his socialistic takeover of the medical profession, a full 1/6th of our economy, he is striking out at anyone he can to make the government shutdown as painful as possible. Closing memorials, campgrounds, parks, private businesses, even the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, where fishing boat captains are closed for business until Obama gets his way. I hope he NEVER gets his way. I hope the Republicans in the House and Senate, and many clear-thinking Democrats (don’t laugh) refuse to budge and this impostor in our White House is rendered powerless for the remainder of his second term, which I pray ends well ahead of schedule.