[Update] Tragic Ending To Syrian Child Story!

From Free Patriot
Posted by:  Todler-chained

Many people remember the Freepatriot.org article that was written last month entitled Toddler Chained to Fence By Syrian Rebels And Forced To Watch Parents Executed!  This picture and article went viral as the true face of the Free Syrian Army. The truth has came out, pictures were taken, and sent to us.

The picture came from a Facebook site called Syrian truth. They alleged that the child pictured was chained up because the Al Quaeda led Syrian Free Rebels that the United States spends our tax dollars to fund did not like her parent’s religion. So what did they do? They tied her up to this fence and butchered her parents in front of her.

That isn’t where the story ends unfortunately; journalists everywhere have been combing the feeds to find out what happened to this little girl. Was it real, was this staged? What they found was twisted in a way that makes even the stanchest of serial killers want to say “that is disgusting”. It truly is a tragic ending to the little girl’s story.

It seems like the rebels of the “religion of peace” took the little girl off the fence and abused her physically. Then after they were done torturing the girl, they tied her hands behind her back. The last things this girl saw was these monsters torturing, abusing, then executing her parents, then torturing and abusing her, then her own heart beating as they cut it out of her chest. They even took pictures of the ethnic “cleansing” of the little girl and her family.

In September and in August, our own president sent these men millions of dollars worth of weapons and supplies. We the People demand to know why! This is the true face of the Free Syrian Army. This army has beheaded Christian Priests for denying conversion to Islam.

People, Assad may be a dictator, but he has done nothing this vile and disgusting to the Christian, Hebrews, and Hindus living under his regime.  This is not the actions of people who should even be called human. I won’t post the pictures that they sent out of the little girl taken by the vile Free Syrian Army after and during this event. Some things are too disgusting even for me to share when it comes to the “Religion of Peace”.

This is heartbreaking. This is tragic. This did not have to happen and should not happen to anyone. This was a CHILD. Granted her parents belonged to another sect other than the Shiite Muslims that the Free Syrian Army did, but does that make this girl a danger to them. She was too young to hold a gun or hurt anyone. Because she is a girl, and her parents had a different religion, does that mean she deserved this?