From One Old Vet
Published November 30, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Keep in mind as you read this story that the animals who murdered these girls could easily become your neighbors under the Obama amnesty plan.

“Department of Homeland Security (DHS) abandoning ordinary background checks due to a surge in amnesty applications as a result of President Obama’s executive action last year.

If DHS cannot manage a few hundred thousand temporary amnesty applications, it is scary to think about how it will handle 10 million or more amnesty applications that would occur as a result of the Senate’s immigration reform bill.” LINK

Obama is hell bent on changing America even if he has to destroy us first!


BORDERLAND BEAT | On November 25, 2013 a horrific scene unfolded early in the morning in Fresnillo Zacatecas when two bodies were seen ganging on a pedestrian bridge. A narco message was left in a banner hanging on the bridge next to the bodies and was signed by the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

The victims were both young females that are not named here at BB as requested by the family for fear of retaliation. Both young girls were ages 15 and 16 and had been reported missing since November 20, 2013. They were held by members fo the CDG in order to gather information of Los Zetas. Both of the victims were students and were known to associate with members of organize crime.

The general public and vehicles that were travelling under the bridge were witness to the scene as the two bodies were dangling from the bridge. The authorities quickly arrived and they attempted to secure the scene.

The bodies were hanging from what appeared to be yellow plastic chords.

One of the massages on the narco banner (manta) read: “Fucking Z Juan Bandido don’t be a faggot, confront us whore, come and pick up your trash, so you know whore here is the CDG, under the command of M3. Respond for your people, don’t be a coward.”

The other banner on the other side of the bridge had a similar message but the exact words were not available.

Los Zetas are fighting to regain control of Fresnillo, they have sent messages in the past declaring that Fresnillo will never be territory of CDG. In the last few weeks CDG has been abducting people in Fresnillo, and warning that they are going after Los Zetas. This has open full wage war in Zacatecas, especially in the region of Fresnillo. Young girls have been the hardest hit, where at least 25 girls have been abducted in the last month alone.

The bodies and banners were hanged before sunrise and there were no witnesses that came forward.