Ted Cruz Goes Home to Texas… Gets 8-Minute Standing Ovation

From Capitalism Institute

People are so sick and tired of cowards who pretend to be “fighting” for basic valueslife life, liberty, and property… but hwo continue to cave almost immediately when they actually go to DC.

Ted Cruz’s strategy of defunding Obamacare didn’t fully make it — the rest of the Senate stabbed him in the back, and John Boehner didn’t have the “credibility” of not caving to actually use his threats as leverage.

Still, Ted Cruz is exploding in popularity because actually fighting back is half the battle, and the Tea Party and even many in the liberty movement want to see at least a little guts from those who are trying to acquire our votes. And that’s exactly what Ted Cruz shows us — guts.

When he went back to Texas after two months in DC, Ted Cruz even joked that it was great to be back in America.

Reuters reports:

Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, returned home to a rousing welcome in Texas on Saturday after his attempt to derail Obamacare with a shutdown of the federal government led to sharp criticism of his tactics as reckless and futile.

“After two months in Washington, it’s great to be back in America,” Cruz joked in speaking to a crowd of about 750 people in a packed downtown San Antoniohotel ballroom.

Cruz was greeted with an eight-minute standing ovation in an appearance organized by the Texas Federation of Republican Women. People in attendance, many of them wearing red to show their support for keeping Texas a conservative-leaning state, lined up to greet him.

Half of the battle of getting people to support a candidate is for them to realize that he has passionate followers. For example, Obama’s biggest asset was that people believed he was popular… so they assumed that he was right.

That’s why it’s important to rally around those who actually fight back. Creating momentum is part of what HAS to happen to win political victories. Help out andspread this story on Facebook and Twitter — people need to know that the people want liberty.