I feel as if a jagged knife just ripped through my body and pierced my heart. This was like a punch to the gut that knocked the wind right out of me.

How much more we can take of his disgusting presidential abuse of office and his high crimes and treason?

I apologize in advance because this one’s going to be a little rough.


Before I tell you what just came down, I have to know something: exactly how far will you go to stop this thing? How deep does that fire within you burn—the one that says Obama MUST go? Then show me.

Obama’s executive overreach has hit obscene levels. It makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t eat or sleep or stop thinking about it.

We have to stop him. Can I count on you to help us remove Obama from office? Please…it’s getting worse.

In fact, Obama just slapped America across the face AGAIN. This time his imperial highness sent a message loud and clear:

Rules mean nothing to him. Obama can change what he wants when he wants and he doesn’t have to listen to Congress or follow the Constitution.

Even after Kathleen Sebilius publicly admitted that they had no legal authority to change the Obamacare deadline, guess who ignored Congress and the Constitution and changed it again?

He doesn’t give a rip what the law is. If he wants to change it on a whim that’s what he’s going to do.

Please excuse me but this is what it is and I don’t mince words.

Obama’s spitting in the face of America. It makes me seethe inside.

The slimy Obama administration is also claiming they have no idea how many people have paid the first month’s premium. Not even ONE official claims to know. This is all more of the same: lies and cover-ups.

Speaking of cover-ups… Did you know he’s been quietly granting defacto amnesty to millions of illegals? How much more can we bear?

Between that and his gun-grab…the 24/7 NSA spying…the targeting of conservatives by the IRS…the outlandish spending (new reports show he is the most expensive president in the history of America)…the egregious violations of our Constitutional rights…utter disregard for the Rule of Law…and bashing of our military, enough is enough!!

I’m sick of it and if you are, too, then I beg you, plead with you, implore you…do something!

I have a huge team here carrying out the strategy to oust Obama. We have everything in place: call centers, mail centers, email blasters, communication plans, social media soldiers, DC insiders and informants, command centers nationwide—you name it.

We even have military backing.

All I need is you to donate a few dollars to help us launch all of our new strikes against Obama and his administration.

Before I get too much further, I really didn’t want to tell you this but I am left with no choice.

Our funds are dangerously LOW. Reserves were depleted fighting the recent gun-grab. To say we are scraping the bottom of the barrel is being kind.

Trust me, any amount helps. If you don’t support us, our efforts will all collapse and we will fail. Obama will laugh in our faces. Is that what you want? Then please donate today to keep us going.

Having you step up is more critical now than it ever was! Obama’s conversion of America (his fundamental change) is being implemented far and wide. His “A&P” — assault and purge—on the military is unprecedented.

It flat-out frightens me because there is no branch of the military unaffected by this. Who will defend us from the atrocities to come?

Generals are being purged at unprecedented rates—200 since Obama took office. He’s cut trillions from the Pentagon budget, leaving many armed forces helpless—without the proper weaponry that is needed to protect America. He’s taking our SEAL teams by force.

And this is going to steam you something fierce…

Obama is killing all Hellfire and Tomahawk missiles. Do you know what that means? He just put a big, fat target on our backs—on our military, their families, our families—our children, parents and grandparents.

These are the successful missile programs that have helped the US Navy maintain military superiority and protect our country from terrorists!

But it’s even worse than that.

The Tomahawk Missile Program is set to be cut by $128 million next year andcompletely eliminated by 2016.

I can’t believe I have to tell you all this. As I write I am getting more and more enraged. This has to stop!

Do you agree? Then do something right now. If you wait until he rounds us all up—all of the conservatives and good Patriots he’s marked as “terrorists” it will all be too late.

Further evidence of Obama’s treachery: the Hellfire Missile program will becompletely eradicated next year—GONE!

This came as a shock to many lawmakers and military experts, who warnedcutting these missiles would significantly erode America’s ability to deter enemy forces.

We might as well hang a sign out under this president that reads “Come on in. Blast America to bits and pieces. Walk all over us.”

If you’ve had it then donate here. There’s no taking a wait and see approach. Those days are gone. Do what you need to do. Be a Patriot.

There’s another good reason we have to do this. The Pentagon had no response to the eradication of the Tomahawk and Hellfire Missiles. Of course not….they CAN’Trespond.

Anyone in our military who talks out against Obama gets fired, demoted or put on trial for some false drummed-up accusation. It’s happening in droves. Now they’re afraid to speak out.

What is he thinking? There is only one answer. Destroy America.

Everything about this stinks of preparation for attacks upon the American people by Obama—a hostile takeover. As God is my witness I assure you this: we will NOT go down without a fight.

Help us stop Obama—remove him from office and send him back to Kenya!Do not walk away now. We are in this together.

We have new letters, emails, faxes and phone campaigns to launch. There is a new team lined up to head to DC—the meanest, nastiest, take-no-prisoners group of patriots you’ve ever seen.

New strategies and tactics to take on Obama are in place. But we must move FAST.

There are serious deadlines this week that must be met. Remember the general’s march on Washington I told you about a few months ago? That’s coming up in just weeks. We have to help get everything in place.

Can you do your part with a donation? Show us how badly you want Obama GONE.

I’m praying you will. Without you everything comes to a screeching halt and we’re done. Can you afford to let that happen?

Do the right thing.

Steve Eichler
Tea Party

P.S. – There is only one answer to our woes in the White House—IMPEACH! We the People have had enough. If you agree you can’t sit and do nothing. Join our battle to IMPEACH AMERICA’S FRAUD PRESIDENT.