From American Overlook


Last week, American overlook reported that Syrian rebelscaptured the historic Christian village of Maaloula and beheaded priests before taking a mountaintop hotel for themselves. Since then, news emerged that the rebels have been forcing Christians to convert to Islam, or suffer the pain of death.

 The rebels, who say they’ve “liberated” the village of Maaloula, are linked to al-Qaeda and ransacked homes and churches in Maaloula. Many residents are asking why Westerners are allowing this to happen.

 “They shot and killed people. I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. Where is Pres. Obama to see what has befallen us?” one resident commented.

“I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded,’” another resident said.

 Will Obama care about these Christians?